Peter Alden featured on Ava’s Allocations and the Geri Petito Show

Ava Holly Lewis-Korth (right) with Geri Petito (left)

Hello Peter Alden Fans! This is Krista, Peter Alden’s marketing manager. Today I wanted to share some links and information with you about Peter Alden in the news! Brought to you by two very special ladies – who we are pleased to say are now permanently ingrained in our lives!

Ava Holly is a very busy lady! Her mission statement at is to “Empower others through the experience of our talented team.” In her business life, her goals include lifting people up through business, entertainment, and fashion. She works hard to help charities, change the face of traditional experiences….and as one of my heroes, Walt Disney, once said “keep moving forward” along with her fantastic team. Ava believes that “WE ALL SUCCEED WHEN WE ALL STEP TOGETHER.” I could not agree with her more. She is a queen of talent management, special events, and promotions. I really don’t know how Ava finds the extra time, but she also has another project to which she is dedicated. Her personal Blog, 

Ava is obviously an Elvis fan and has a regular feature on her blog where she spotlights an Elvis Tribute Artist! Back in November 2017 – we were honored that she decided to feature Peter Alden as one of her first. Check out Ava’s blog about Peter Alden HERE

Inside this blog post you will notice that she mentions the fabulous Geri Petito (pictured above with Ava) and the fact that Peter Alden was a guest on Geri’s talk show. If you’d like to listen and watch this interview – you can catch it HERE.

Geri Petito is the Author of “I’m Not an Addict, I’m Just An Ass” and a Talk Show Host on the “Geri Petito Show.” Geri shares so much of her heart, thoughts and feelings on life in her book and on her show. Her mission is to “keep it real” and to tell the truth and expose the lies. I have enjoyed watching her on facebook live and getting her perspective. It is interesting to see the world through Geri’s eyes.

Our thanks to Geri Petito for featuring Pete on her show, being part of  the Peter Alden Fan Club this year, and even requesting and buying a song for his latest album! Thank you also to our dear local friend, Pablo Reyes, who introduced us to Geri and also to Richie Santa, who introduced us to Ava.

Although we have not had the chance to meet Ava or Geri in person, we hope to get back to the New York and New Jersey area one day. For now we are honored, to have crossed paths with these amazing women, even if it is just online and over the phone. Please check out their work by clicking the links in this post. I know you will enjoy it all!


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