Switching Blue Suede Shoes for Vintage Wooden Clogs?

Hello again Peter Alden Fans! Krista here, and I am back with more Peter Alden news! This week held an exciting first for us! Peter Alden in Spydeberg, Norway! Except Pete went there without ever leaving his home, hear in the USA. How is that possible? Well, February 21, 2018 I was contacted by Steinar Elvis Lyshaug about featuring Peter on his TCE Radioshow – which is based out of Norway.

“Hello Peter Alden,
My name is Steinar Elvis Lyshaug, we’re friends on facebook. I’m Editor and DJ for the TCE-Radioshow who is a weekly radio show in Elvis honor. In the show we have a column called ETA of the Week – Two In A Row. We are always on the lookout for ETA’s to present in this column, and i hope you would like to take part in it? What we need is a short bio and a CD or at least 2 good quality Mp3 files from you. We feel that this is a good way to be promoted, as we have listeners spread out all over the world 🙂

Hope to hear from you or your company 🙂

yours sincerely

Steinar Elvis Lyshaug

Well, needless to say, we were honored by this. I posted my exciting news immediately in the private facebook group for our Peter Alden Fan Club (which…by the way…they get all the good stuff FIRST…have you joined yet??) and I had Pete send over the files right away. The show went out live last Tuesday, but Steinar was very kind to send me a link to the podcast version. You can listen to the entire episode that features Pete – any time at the link below!


Here are a few shortcuts in case your Norwegian language skills are a little rusty, like mine. 6 minutes 30 seconds into the show you will hear Steinar say Peter Alden’s name. About 8 minutes 45 seconds in – you can catch a few words about the show in  English! The show has awesome Elvis music from the man himself. Here are some song titles and the time stamps where you can hear them.

32 minute mark “Unchained Melody”
36 minute mark “It’s Now or Never”
48 minute mark  “American Trilogy”

Next up is a lovely version of Amazing Grace (not by Elvis) at the one hour mark.

Then it’s back to all Elvis music.

The 1:18 mark is Elvis singing “Faded Love”
1:23 mark is “You Were Always On My Mind”
1:28 “There’s Always Me”

THEN… at the 1:30 mark Steinar begins talking about Peter, reading his bio (in Norwegian – which is SO COOL to hear!!) and soon after, plays Peter Alden singing “Such A Night” and “We Can Make the Morning.” WOOOOW SO AWESOME!

Not long after that is “Hurt” by Elvis …at 1:42 there is a a lovely version of Oh Danny Boy by an a capella group.

1:47 is “Rip It Up” by Elvis and at 1:51 “Take Good Care of Her”
1:55 “Love Coming Down”
2 hour mark “This Is Our Dance”

And now I present to you, more about the TCE Radioshow and why you will want to become a regular listener. Here is their full description as it came back to me in English through Google translate.

“A weekly program including news from the Elvis World: Here you get the latest news from Elvis World, including Elvis music, tribute from other artists, interviews and reports from various events dedicated to the King. Hundreds of people who love Elvis follow us from all over the world via web radio while we reach Hadeland and Land via the FM band. Elvis Radio also has its own facebook page where more participants participate in chat with each other in an event with chosen date of sending .. Visit the page to go to find the right event!”

Visit Facebook here!

Our program managers are divided into two (every other Tuesday) where:

Tuesday1: Erik Mohn (Mayor) & Steinar Elvis Lyshaug
Tuesday2: Erik Mohn (Mayor) & Bård Erik Wierli

SEND TIME: (FM 101.1 in OSLO) or on the internet radio.
Tuesdays 21:00 – 23:00 (We also send live from various events)

They are great about putting the recordings on sound cloud but if you want to tune in live – here is the scoop (I think!)

Somebody correct me if I am wrong but I believe they are 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the US … so if 21:00 is the same as our military time that means it is 9pm their time.. which would be 2pm Eastern time in the US … on Tuesdays. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO LISTEN LIVE.

I hope you enjoyed our story about how Peter Alden made it to Norway. Here’s hoping some day we can all visit this beautiful country – in person!

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