Splashback! A Tribute to the Beach Boys

SPLASHBACK! is the ULTIMATE Tribute to the legendary surf rock band The Beach Boys. SPLASHBACK! captures the feel, the vocal harmonies, the fun and the excitement of a real Beach Boys Concert. In addition, we also round out the show by performing many other surf & car songs ‘inspired’ by The Beach Boys!

Peter Alden fronts the band with his strong vocals, stage presence and sense of humor! Pete is joined on stage with some of the finest musicians in the area. Charlie DeCosa provides fun and excitement on lead guitar and fantastic high end vocals. Jim Rast not only provides a foundation for the band on Bass, he is also the vocal coach for the band, and is responsible for them duplicating the 5-part harmonies so loved by Beach Boys fans! Willie Rast is incredible on keyboard! Creating the filling backing sounds of piano, strings and horns heard on many Beach Boys hits, as well as helping out with backing vocals! Keith Coville on percussion provides the beat and drive behind the band. He keeps the excitement going and gets people on their feet!!

SPLASHBACK! Utilizes 5-part harmonies to duplicate the sound of The Beach Boys as realistically as possible! From Surfin’ USA and Little Deuce Coupe to Kokomo, we cover a huge portion of the Beach Boys catalogue, as well as other surf hits that were common to the era. It’s hard to stay in your seat when this band hits the stage! Join us as we SPLASHBACK! to the sixties and experience the great surf and car music and fun of The Beach Boys in their prime!

This is a great show and as many have said after the show, this show is:

A Note from the The Inverness Cultural Heritage Council in conjunction with the Citrus County Historical Society:
Peter and his group performed as “Splashback!” A tribute to the Beach Boys. They also entertained us this past June 15th as a kickoff to Summer,Fun, Sand and Sun. Citrus county came dressed in beach attire and rocked and danced in the aisles.Everyone knew and sang along to the songs as Peter Alden engaged the audience with wit and charm. It was fun filled and the most responsive we ever had in our 9 years of holding the Fall and Summer series at the Old Courthouse Heritage Museum. It was the energy of the group, the surf and car songs and the fun atmosphere that got the sold out crowd in the mood to sing, dance and enjoy. Besides the acts with the bands as Elvis and Splashback, they also do an incredible Ricky Nelson tribute show.
The reason we book Peter Alden and his band just about every year is we get great value in entertainment money can buy and one of the best singer/entertainers here in the State of Florida.
We highly recommend the surf group “Splashback!” You are more than welcome to contact me with any questions .

Steve Hrycaj
Chair Inverness Cultural Heritage Council

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