Do You Sing at Funerals?

Peter Alden often gets asked if he sings at funerals. The answer is yes. In fact, he has a great number of years of experience in helping families come to terms with their loss. Peter lost his own son, Gabriel Grigsby, at the age of 10 in 2013.  Pete knows as well as anyone how celebrating a life with song – and the comfort it can bring – is a blessing.

Peter Alden has performed beautiful tributes at celebration of life, memorial and funeral services for years. It is always best to find someone with specific experience with this, and the sound of his voice has proven to be soothing and healing. While comforting mourners, a live vocal performance at a funeral can be a beautiful tribute to a departed loved one. Peter specializes in Gospel music – but he will work with you on any song request. Often our clients have specific song choices in mind – perhaps something they imagine their loved one would smile about. If it is hard for the family to make song choices, Peter is a wonderful at advising on what music would be suitable.

He also provides his own audio equipment.

While it can be a very traumatic experience to lose a loved one, we find that music lifts the spirit and can make a huge difference to a bereaved family. At a funeral or memorial, you can expect Peter to arrive early, stay for the duration of the service, listen dutifully to the eulogy, and leave promptly afterwards. More and more, people want to treat the funeral as an event to remember and to treasure, and as a celebration of life. If you need him to stay longer, he certainly will if at all possible.

We know from the great number of Thank you’s that we receive that music for funerals makes such a huge difference in the healing process and Pete feels that it is a privilege to perform in these circumstances. Our normal fee for a service such as this is deeply discounted.

As much notice as possible is appreciated but we understand when clients can only give us one to two days. Always feel free to ask me about his schedule, and we will fit you in if at all possible.  Contact me via email or call my cell (407) 718-7462.


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