Peter Alden Appears on “The Voice of Hope”

Andrea Kuczynski launched her multi-media platform “The Voice of Hope” to help others find encouragement and motivation to keep going, no matter what. Thursday October 11, 2018 Andrea invited Peter Alden to be her guest. Peter talks about one creative way that his father cared for him as an infant with hip dysplasia. He also covers other personal struggles. For the last several years, Peter Alden worked hard to get Newborn Adrenoleukodystrophy Screening added to the list of diseases newborn babies are screened for before leaving the hospital.  As of May 1, 2018, Florida is now testing all newborns for Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). Peter still speaks on a regular basis about this rare brain disease that took the life of his youngest son Gabriel Grigsby , and why early detection is key.

Click HERE to see video of Gabriel dancing as a healthy young boy.

We would like to thank Andrea for providing Peter Alden with this platform to share about overcoming difficult times in life, and inviting him on as a guest interview for your show. The interview begins about 6 minutes into the broadcast.

You can also listen to this interview in audio form HERE.

Andrea also has a podcast where her mission is to give you some hope for your day. She wants you to know that you “can make it through this day one step at a time. Just keep moving forward NO MATTER what.” She hopes you can find strength through her struggles and the stories of others.

One thought on “Peter Alden Appears on “The Voice of Hope””

  1. Thank you Peter Alden for being a guest on The Voice of Hope.
    I know you helped so many others by sharing your story.
    And especially for sharing the Beautiful Memories of Gabriel with all the viewers.
    Thank you Krista Joy for this Beautiful Artictle.
    I am so honored to provide this platform for others to share there stories..


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