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Check out Linda Corrigan, Leesah Stiles, and Peter Alden on Surf 97.3 FM discussing Linda’s latest project: Putting On The Ritz Presents Leesah Stiles – a show coming to Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center April 4, 2019  with cameo appearances from Peter Alden. Tickets are now on sale HERE.

Thank you DJ Surfin’ Vern for all the air time today!

Check out my recording of the interview via facebook live HERE

SURF 97.3 Fm is a true community radio station, locally operated by volunteers from the Flagler Beach community. Local people create programming, design events, and keep the station up and running and on the air.

About the Interviewer: Vern Shank is a 25 + year business owner of a multi media entertainment company with ties in radio, professional DJ services, musicians, band management & film and television projects.

Vern launched his own band project, “The Cherry Drops”, a retro power-pop band with a 60’s and 70’s feel and yet with a refreshingly new rock sound. He is lead singer, musician and principal songwriter of the band.

Peter Alden Featured on an Episode of The Mickey Mouse Club

Many remember the Disney Channel’s wildly popular The All-New Mickey Mouse Club which aired in the late ‘80s well into the ‘90s. It was similar to a “‘Saturday Night Live’ for kids” featuring interviews, skits, variety show-styled razzle dazzle, and of course, lots of singing.

Long before his album of Disney hits with a Rock ‘n Roll Twist Kingdom Classics was produced, Peter Alden did some singing on one MMC episode in particular – and we’ve got the video for you!  Other actors in this episode also went on to have pretty bright futures.  Watch for JC Chasez from NSYNC, Keri Russell from the TV Series “Felicity” recording artist Jennifer McGill and more.

Check out this episode of the show where you’ll find Pete singing beautifully as an “Elvis Impersonator.” Just fast forward to 4:43-6:00 to save time.

More about the show:

The Mickey Mouse Club’s Emerald Cove was a 1993-1995 American soap-opera based television series on the Disney Channel in a genre called ‘dramedy’, a mix of drama and comedy and a serial from the fifth, sixth and seventh seasons of The Mickey Mouse Club (MMC). It was produced by Blue Wave Productions, Inc. in association with Les Choux Company.

Emerald Cove was an updated version of the classic 60’s beach movies. It  centered around a group of surfers, musicians, and party lovers. Many of the episodes involved the band called “High Density” trying to get a job playing at Emerald Cove, a fictional local club that was filmed and located in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Other continuing themes are the problems that the teenagers encounter while trying to sort out their love lives over the summer, and deciding about college.


Peter Alden Featured in Theme Parkology Christmas Promo

Check out Peter Alden as he is featured in this fun Theme Parkology Christmas Promo, right along side many notable Disney luminaries, Imagineers and more!  This segment was filmed at Hard Rock Hotel Daytona next to a showcase holding an original Elvis Christmas album and the Speedway Jacket.

Our thanks to for the invitation. Stay tuned for more collaborations including Peter Alden Entertainment and Theme Parkology!

Peter Alden Endorsed by Legendary Disney Imagineer Terri Hardin

Followers and fans of Legendary Disney Imagineer Terri Hardin witnessed a gleaming endorsement of Peter Alden today on Facebook Live!  Terri attended Peter Alden’s performance at the Blue Suede Shoes of California Fan Club meeting and Peter’s sold out gospel show on December 15, 2018 in Palm Springs California. We were so honored to have her in the audience. Check out some of these great quotes from Terri’s broadcast:

Terri Hardin with Victoria Paige Meyerink (Elvis co-star in Speedway) and Peter Alden

“I thought when Krista invited me to do this, earlier, that Peter Alden was an Elvis Impersonator. I envisioned a guy in a sequin suit dancing around and wiggling his butt…and I thought no, not interested! BUT THAT’S NOT PETER! Peter creates The Elvis Experience. He is dressed very tastefully. He looks like Elvis, he said he always has, since he was young man, and he has this beautiful voice…so he thought … why not? Why not bring this voice to people? The gospel night was beyond compare and one the the best nights I have ever had!”

“I had a very entertaining and fantastic weekend.”

“Peter was singing Gospel. My mother had every Elvis album, or as they call them today, every vinyl. My favorite album had picture of Elvis is in his uniform from when he was drafted into the service. I wasn’t a big Elvis fan but gospel was my favorite. Elvis and gospel seemed to be the perfect marriage for me.”

“Peter is absolutely amazing and I will be posting video clips on my Facebook page.”

Check out this video link to see what Terri had to say within the first 10 minutes of her broadcast.

Click HERE to see the video!

She did a shout out for the show on her facebook live for Peter’s Gospel CD entitled “This Train is Bound for Glory” and called it “a GREAT CD that makes a perfect Christmas gift. I listened to it over and over on my two hour drive home from Palm Springs.” Here is info on how you can order your own copy.

Songs Include:

This Train Is Bound For Glory
Elvis Gospel!
How Great Thou Art
I Believe
If the Bible Is Right
If the Lord Wasn’t Walkin’ By My Side
Joshua Fit The Battle
Lead Me, Guide Me
Run On
Take My Hand Precious Lord
Talk About The Good Times
(Lord) I Feel Like Going Home
This Train (Is Bound For Glory)
Walk Dem Golden Stairs
Wonderful Time Up There
All That I Have

Peter Alden’s  Rockabilly album “Crown Electric Company.”

Songs include:

Hot Rod Gang
Pretty Little Lights In Town
Standing On A Rock
She Thinks I Still Care
Tear It Up
Trouble Bound
I Don’t Do Gentle
Barn Burner
All Tore Up
Why Don’tCha
Black Slacks
Leopard Skin Print

Also available, Kingdom Classics!

Link to the promo video
Download online at CD Baby:
Download online on iTunes:
In store or online at TD Collectibles
Physical copies can also be ordered by emailing us at
Save on shipping – physical copies can also be ordered through

More quotes from Terri’s broadcast:

“When I experience someone that is magical and amazing, I want you to know about them!”

“Peter is an amazing gentleman and he has a voice that sounds like Elvis Presley. What he does is the Presley Experience, if you will. His voice is amazing and he sounds (no seriously!) a lot like Elvis.”

We also want to thank Terry for noting as well as our friends Jeff and Niki at and Jerry Cornell of AND the mention of

About Terri Hardin:

International Speaker and Artist Terri Hardin specializes and teaches you how to elevate your success by becoming more Creative in your business workplace. She has spoken for CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Colleges or anyone wishing to take themselves to the next level. She brings energy, enthusiasm,humor and information you can put into play right away. The perfect addition for your event as a Keynote Speaker or a delightful addition to your event.
Terri Hardin has been creative all her life. Her credentials are endless. She is a Walt Disney Imagineer having designed attractions for Paris, Tokyo and Florida. She’s a puppeteer with the Jim Henson Company. She has appeared in over 45 films and Television including Ghostbusters, Men in Black, Captain EO, Dinosaurs for ABC and much more. The best way to learn about Terri Hardin is to google her name. Once you do you will see everything from a Wikipedia page to awards, sculptures, talks,articles, podcasts and more. Having worked with over 100 celebrities her stories delight the heart and inspire the mind.

Terri Hardin pictured here with Michael Jackson

Terri also is an amazing sculptor and can create anything you can imagine.from a custom designed room (Think about your room designed along the lines of a Walt Disney Attractions) to collectible one of a kind sculptures having created for Guellermo Del Toro and Nicholas Cage. She’s sculpted life-sized portraits of the famous like Bill Gates and Keith Jackson. She can also bring your prototypes to life. No job is too big or too small and with Terri Hardin the difference is in the detail.