If your last name is Alden – you are most likely no relation!

If your last name is Alden – you are most likely no relation!

Peter Alden

We get asked about this a lot!

Peter Alden (born Peter Alden Grigsby) 17 July 19??

is a singer, entertainer, father and friend. His middle name is ALDEN.

Although he has met her and spoken with her in the past, he is not related to the final girlfriend of Elvis Presley, who is named Ginger Alden. Because Pete does a lot of shows that include the music of Elvis, this has been a topic of discussion for years. Pete uses his middle name as (as his last name) for stage and screen because it is easier to pronounce and remember. We hope this clears up some confusion.

Krista Joy (born Krista Joy Rohrer) 26 December 19?? – that’s me. More on what I do can be found at HERE but I am most proud of raising my 2 sons, Bradley and Scott, who are incredible human beings and all grown up now.

I have beenĀ  using my middle name as my last name for more years than I want to admit. It is just easier to say and remember. I don’t know how many people in the world use middle names as last names. Maybe a lot. But it is a totalĀ  coincidence that Pete and I have this in common.